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Our three pillars

For candidates: Spaceflight training

Informed by both space agencies and industry, we intend to offer a comprehensive, assured training pipeline for spaceflight operations. From a basic 'spaceflight participant' course aimed at those flying with commercial operators as paying passengers to in depth training for those aspiring to operate as full crew members our modular training is designed to be as accessible and flexible as possible whilst at the same time delivering the knowledge, skills and experience required to prepare individuals to succeed in the advanced, type specific training required by commercial operators before flight. Our training does not replace the training required by commercial operators but instead complements it by laying a solid foundation of knowledge and skills. This improves the chances of success in commercial training as well as potentially reducing the volume of training required and improving candidates’ chances of initial selection.

Astronaut Helmet

For spaceflight operators: Provision of qualified candidates

As training providers, we have access to a pool of qualified, pre-vetted candidates. As well as providing training, we are also able to verify qualifications and match individuals' skills to job requirements in order to streamline and de-risk the recruitment process for commercial operators. Whether the requirement is for individual specialists or entire crews our mission is to provide the right candidates with the right backgrounds and training to enable your mission.

Rocket Launch

For researchers: Support to research programs

Research and development of spaceflight technology, equipment and procedures or research conducted in microgravity present a unique set of challenges and complexity. To enable your project to succeed we offer a range of support services such as individual experts to augment your team, logistical support, specialist project management, advisors or turn-key solutions to deliver entire projects.

Scientist with Microscope
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