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My Hotel Game: Hire, Train, and Lead Your Hotel Staff to Success

My Hotel Game: A Fun and Addictive Time-Management Simulator

Have you ever dreamed of running your own hotel? If so, you might want to check out My Hotel Game, a fun and addictive time-management simulator that lets you build an accommodation empire from scratch. My Hotel Game is developed by CG Games Ltd., a company that specializes in casual games for mobile devices. The game is available for free on Google Play Store and Yandex Games, as well as on Steam for PC users.

How to Play My Hotel Game

My Hotel Game is a game that challenges your skills as a hotel manager. You have to build and upgrade hotels, hire staff, serve guests, and earn money in this fast-paced simulator.

my hotel game

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Start from the Ground Up

You start the game as a simple bellhop who has to do everything by yourself. You have to clean rooms, greet guests at reception, collect payments and stock bathrooms with toiletries. You have to work fast and efficiently to keep your guests happy and earn tips. You can use the money you earn to upgrade your speed, stamina, and skills.

Build an Empire

As you progress in the game, you can open new hotels in different locations, such as the coast, the mountains, and the forest. Each location has its own theme and style, as well as different types of guests and challenges. You can also upgrade your hotels with more rooms, better facilities, and higher ratings. You can even buy new hotels or sell old ones to expand your business.

Keep Going

The game gets more difficult as you advance to higher levels. You have to deal with more guests, more demands, and more problems. You have to balance your time and resources between cleaning, serving, and managing. You also have to cope with unexpected events, such as fires, floods, thefts, and VIP visits. You have to keep going and provide first-class service to your guests.

Amenities are the Answer

One way to increase your profits and attract more guests is to add amenities to your hotels. Amenities are extra features that make your hotels more appealing and comfortable. For example, you can add vending machines, restaurants, parking lots, and swimming pools to your hotels. Each amenity has a cost and a benefit, as well as a maintenance fee. You have to choose wisely which amenities to invest in and which ones to avoid.

Human Resources

Another way to improve your performance and efficiency is to hire and manage staff to run each facility in your hotels. Staff are workers who can help you with various tasks, such as cleaning, cooking, driving, and entertaining. Each staff member has a salary, a skill level, and a mood. You have to train them, motivate them, and assign them to the right tasks. You also have to fire them if they are not performing well or causing trouble.

Grand Designs

A final way to customize your hotels and make them stand out is to change their appearance and design. You can choose from different room designs, wall colors, floor tiles, furniture, windows, and doors for each hotel. You can also add decorations, such as paintings, plants, lamps, and rugs. You can create your own unique style and theme for each hotel.

Why You Should Play My Hotel Game

My Hotel Game is a game that offers fun and entertainment for anyone who likes time-management simulators. Here are some reasons why you should play My Hotel Game:

Fun and Fast-Paced Gameplay

The game keeps you on your toes with its time-management mechanics and varied tasks. You have to work fast and smart to keep up with the demand and serve your guests. You have to plan ahead and prioritize your actions. You have to multitask and switch between different roles. The game is fun and challenging for both beginners and experts.

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Colorful Graphics and Music

The game has a bright and cheerful aesthetic that matches its theme and mood. The game has colorful graphics that are detailed and realistic. The game has catchy music that is upbeat and lively. The game has sound effects that are clear and amusing. The game creates a pleasant atmosphere that makes you feel like you are in a real hotel.

Humorous Animations and Characters

The game has funny animations and characters that make the game more enjoyable and entertaining. The game has humorous animations that show the actions and reactions of the guests and staff. The game has quirky characters that have different personalities and preferences. The game has witty dialogues that add humor and personality to the game.

Challenging Levels and Achievements

The game has different levels that test your skills and offer rewards for completing them. The game has over 100 levels that span across 10 locations. Each level has a goal that you have to achieve within a time limit. Each level also has optional objectives that you can complete for extra stars or coins. The game also has achievements that you can unlock for reaching certain milestones or performing certain actions in the game.

Tips and Tricks for Playing My Hotel Game

If you want to play My Hotel Game more effectively and efficiently, here are some useful tips and tricks for playing the game:

Upgrade Speed

One of the most important upgrades you can buy in the game is speed. Speed affects how fast you can move, clean, serve, and collect money. Speed can make a huge difference in your performance and score. You can upgrade your speed by spending coins in the shop or by watching ads. You can also use speed boosts during the game to temporarily increase your speed.

Prioritize Tasks

Another key skill you need to master in the game is prioritizing tasks. You have to decide which tasks are more important or urgent than others, and focus on them first. For example, you should prioritize cleaning dirty rooms over stocking bathrooms, as dirty rooms can lower your rating and make guests unhappy. You should also prioritize serving guests who are waiting longer or have higher expectations, as they can give you more tips or complaints.

Use Boosts

A third tip for playing the game is to use boosts wisely. Boosts are special items that can help you overcome difficult situations or achieve higher scores. For example, you can use a magnet boo


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