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Club Teen Orgy __FULL__

Dawna looked at her mother with the dark eyes that you could fall into. The 15-year old girl had alwaysbeen beautiful, even as a baby she was stunning. As a slender, model-perfect teen, Rachel's adopteddaughter was striking in her presence.

club teen orgy


Rachel sighed. "You mean a lesbian nightclub, don't you?" Dawna nodded. "Sweetie, what do I know aboutrunning a nightclub? I'd be like a fish out of water and it might take a while for me to recoup myinvestment, if ever."

"I have another idea in mind that ties in with that," Dawna grinned and this was the part where Rachelknew her daughter's wheels were spinning. "We keep two floors for ourselves as a private, members-onlyclub. Exclusive and a bit pricy," Dawna said to her mom.

Dawna leaned forward and took her mother's hand. "It would be a club for women like us, mom. Women whoenjoy sex with other women, particularly younger women. They could bring their girlfriends and have aplace to fuck discreetly without anyone finding out."

Rachel remembered their first kiss on her large bed. She had kissed her daughter before, but not likethis, never like this! The dark girl's full, soft lips were made to be kissed and she had the mostamazing, agile little tongue. What little clothing both women were wearing fluttered to the ground andtheir bodies melded together. With the naked teen so intimately wrapped around her, it was very easy tooverlook the girl's age and think of her as just another, sexy lover. Her shaved pussy ground againstthe slightly-wiry, trimmed pubes of her daughter. She loved the feeling of Dawna's soft, delicate titsagainst her own and realized that whether she liked it or not, part of the appeal was Dawna'syouth and tender, sweet body. Freeing herself from that inhibition, she let herself run wild as shetasted her daughter's supple, smooth flesh. The years her daughter had spent in ballet classes had paidoff. Dawna was very agile and flexible and no matter which way her lesbian parent moved her, it provedno obstacle to the gorgeous teen. She paid close attention to her mother's movements, wanting to returnthe favors when it was her turn to play the game.

Rachel sighed as she remembered that wonderful day. Dawna showed a vivid imagination and a flare forlesbian sex that astounded Rachel. She used her fingers and her mouth and got Rachel off on her veryfirst outing. The teenager was allowed to skip school that day; most of the education she got was in bed.

They continued fucking and sucking over the next several months while the building restoration was beingdone. When the property was completed, Rachel was astounded to discover she already had interestedtenants. She still wasn't sure about the sex club part.

Rachel looked at the two women together and over at Dawna who was grinning widely. The little minx hadset her up; this must have been by someone who could convince her. Rachel had to admit that the twowomen were indeed a convincing argument, both sexy and alluring. If this was the kind of woman her clubcould attract, she desperately wanted to risk it.

"Why not skip the preliminaries?" Rachel grinned. "We've just talked about a sex club and you obviouslyboth dressed for effect. Dawna also suggested that I dress for play, so why don't we get naked and havea little preview of what my new business might be like?" She chuckled.

Rachel could attest to that and she felt comfortable sharing her secret with these two stunning women.If she could help other women feel that same level of comfort, her club would be a benefit to them. Piakissed her and she tasted Dawna's spend on her lips. "I wanted to do it with you when I walked in thedoor," Pia told the older brunette. "I'm a slutty little bitch anyway but you are a fucking turn-on."

Rachel's eyes turned to her daughter and Amber intertwined on the floor, bodies writhing together andlooking incredibly hot. Now Pia's hands were roaming her own body, fondling her dark nipples andstroking her very-wet cunt. This little minx was no shy young thing, she knew what she was doing and shewas doing it very well. These gorgeous women were going to be two of her favorite club members and mighteven deserve VIP status, she thought to herself. After a while, Rachel stopped thinking and just starteddoing. The night ended in the morning with a lot of happy, satisfied smiles marking the occasion.

It took several more months for the completion of the club and costs went a bit over budget, yet Racheldidn't mind. The attention was in the details. All of the rooms were soundproofed. The furniture andlighting was top rate, the place would be clean and immaculate. She was able to discreetly recruitstaff, all female and sworn to secrecy. During the interviews, there were a few times that she foundherself wanting to play with a few of the applicants, but she restrained herself. That could comelater. Staff members would be allowed to attend club functions on their off days. She made some last-minute decisions and let Amber, Pia and Dawna put the word out. She took out an ad in the paper Amberhad suggested and waited for the Grand Opening. Rachel hoped she'd get some attendees and that themembership would grow over time. She didn't need to make a huge profit just yet; all she wanted was forherself and Dawna to have some fun.

She also judiciously decided that only "of age" women would be allowed to be members and the youngergirls would be "guests". That way, the membership roster would always be above board. "Smart, mom,"Dawna grinned right before her mother handed her a small piece of paper. Dawna was stunned. Paula, hermother's lawyer, had drawn up a small contract that gave her 10% ownership of the club in a trust to beheld until she turned 21. Rachel hugged her daughter and told her that it was only fair, as it had beenher idea.

Next through the door were Fauna and Shauna, two blonde, identical, gorgeous 18-year old twins fromRachel's neighborhood. "This is going to be a blast," they said to Rachel as they handed her themembership fee. "We've both always wanted to get with you. Say we can, please?" Rachel nodded and thetwo sisters went squealing into the club.

As Capital VIP is an underage party, there was a strict policy against alcohol, drugs, and tobacco, which meant we all had to engage with the opposite sex under the influence of our raging hormones and breathtakingly poor judgment. Break these rules and one of the club's staff would call your mom.

Apparently, Stephen King doesn't miss anything and explains, in detail, the orgy for a few pages: "Mike comes to her, then Richie, and the act is repeated. Now she feels some pleasure, dim heat in her childish unmatured sex, and she closes her eyes as Stan comes to her and she thinks of the birds."

Stephen King has been controversial in several books. In the novel The Stand, the character called Trashcan Man gets the barrel of a gun inserted into his anus, while in Apt Pupil, a kid called Todd has a dream about raping a 16-year-old girl with a condom that delivers electric shocks from the tip. But 'It' is the first child orgy.

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Mayor Coleman A. Young, who has been battling the orgy of arson that makes the city unique during the three days that surround Halloween, said figures on the numbers of fires Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights would not be available until today or Friday.

In addition to the efforts by the city and private individuals, 11 pay television networks unscrambled their signals so residents could watch premium stations free on in an apparent attempt to entice teen-agers to stay at home.

The company, known for its teen (18+) subscription site, has been in business for more than 50 years, after launching in The Netherlands in 1968 with print magazines and later with VHS movies. In 1998, its website was launched, and many updates later, it is celebrating its newest milestone. 041b061a72


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