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Kiss Me First - Season 1

The show is fast-paced and you are constantly switching back and forth between reality and the game, which makes for an interesting time. The last episode is by far the most disturbing one and may be hard to follow for some and the show ends with quite the cliffhanger, which is always frustrating but more so when a second season has not been announced.

Kiss Me First - Season 1

Voula is aghast when her best friend, Stephanie, begins campaigning for president on kiss and wild promises. Meanwhile, Stephanie's younger brother, Arthur, joins forces with Yick to avoid Joey's bullying.

Voula decides to be Stephanie's campaign assistant. She helps make posters and writes Steph's speech. While practicing her speech in the library, Joey keeps whistling at Stephanie because of her outfit. Stephanie gives her speech on the front steps and everyone loves it. Afterward Joey goes up to her and kisses her arm. Wheels says that he'll vote for her if she'll let him kiss her. All of the other boys go up to get kisses as well.

In the halls the boys are waiting outside the bathroom for Stephanie. They chant "We want a kiss! All the way with Stephanie Kaye!" Voula doesn't agree with Stephanie, but goes along with it, anyway. Stephanie gives another speech. She thanks Joey for helping her with the campaign, not Voula. Upset and hurt, Voula runs off.

I am glad someone else has found this show as well! I randomed upon this show and bjnged the first season within a day or two and I found it super enjoyable for a cute, simple drama. I love that the Mom/Stepmon character is not against their relationship as that trope gets really old in Kdramas. I have watched about halfway through season 2 and need to finish it when the subs come out. I definitely want to keep an eye on some of these young actors and see what other work they do in the future ?

Netflix description: "Emilia Urquiza (Kate del Castillo), is the first lady of Mexico with big plans to improve conditions for the country through her commitment in fighting for peace. She is a woman with a strong personality, conviction and clear ideas that make her capable of doing anything. As Emilia starts to lose faith in her husband, Diego Nava (Erik Hayser), she finds herself at a crossroad where she will need to find a way to deal with a great challenge and uncover the truth." 041b061a72


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