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[S4E9] Big Decisions

Philip and Elizabeth have been through nuclear war on a personal scale this season, but now that they're seven months past it, they're still living amid the rubble. And both Stan and Paige are trapped by that rubble, unable to escape decisions from their past, no matter how hard they try.

[S4E9] Big Decisions

Last week on sMothered, Paula invited her ex Blake (who she is friends with) to her home without telling her mother. Francia was surprised yet happy to see Blake. Paula soon followed her mother to the kitchen, where she asked her if she was jealous of her making decisions without her permission.

Blake understood that he was just there to make Francia jealous and left after Francia apologized to him. She thought that she had raised her daughter better than this and accused the latter of making life decisions for her mother.

At the top of the Wall, Ser Alliser directs the troops as Jon Snow rushes forward to see a terrifying money shot, an inferno lighting up within sight of the wall among the trees, burnishing the horizon orange. "The biggest fire the North has ever seen", which Mance Rayder had promised and now delivers. Alliser looks at Jon and for once cools down and even asks Jon to go ahead, say I told you so, but Jon refuses to take the bait and tells Alliser that blocking the tunnel and drowning it was a hard decision either way. Thorne tells Jon that being a leader means following his instincts and sticking to his guns rather than second-guessing his decisions. He tells Jon that after the battle they can go back to hating each other, but for now they need to put their mutual disdain aside for however long it takes to beat the wildlings back. Jon concedes the point and stands beside Thorne as he orders the brothers beside him to prepare siege defenses, including barrels of oil. 041b061a72


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