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Transformers The Last Knight English Download Mp4

The first of the three Transformers films that I have reviewed is the classic one where the two Autobots and the Decepticon were battling it out. The second one was the film with the annoying human characters who were trying to keep the peace. The third one was the one that failed to deliver due to its script, and it was the worst film of the franchise. So what is the best? Well have to wait to find out. For now, lets just see how it compares to the others.

Transformers The Last Knight English Download Mp4


THE LAST KNIGHT is better than the third movie at least. The Transformers on the screen are much cooler than before. The action sequences have improved, there are more humourous moments. In fact, I do not recall any funny scenes in the third film.

THE LAST KNIGHT marks the final battles between the Autobots and Decepticons. The Autobots want to use a magical talisman to repopulate a new world, while the Decepticons, led by the shapeshifting Quintessa, want to destroy all of humanity.

THE LAST KNIGHT, though not as good as the third one, is still great. Its one of the better Michael Bay films. Apart from the shoddy script, it beats its predecessors. The CGI visuals are pretty good, the characters are well developed and the action is good. The films strong suits are the humour, action and pacing.

The Autobots take down the government, releasing the human leaders and killing all the Decepticons at their base except Megatron, but it's too late--the humans have already started a war. All Optimus can do is try to protect his men, rather than pursue Megatron, since Cade can't because he has to protect his family. So Optimus takes up the staff, and is blasted apart on the way--but the staff grabs him and animates him, and then he snaps free from the staff, just barely waking up as he pulls the staff out. It sends him careening through a pillar to the hospital, which he then uses to get to the Autobot base, where he finds Cade. And they fight off an army of Decepticons trying to get to Optimus, but the Autobots use themselves as a decoy. Megatron then knocks Optimus out, just as Cade shoots him with one of his beloved ancient handguns. Megatron crushes his skull, and the Autobots die in a fiery blast. After Transformers: Dark of the Moon, fans of Michael Bay's franchise can expect a war that involves loads of explosions and, with Bumblebee gone, a small cast of characters. So a classic battle royale between humans, Autobots, and Decepticons may be a cliche to some. But it's still going to be fun to watch.


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