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Gridpunk: A New Generation of Shooter Games in a Cyberpunk World

What is gridpunk?

Gridpunk is a subgenre of cyberpunk that focuses on grid-based combat and technology. It is a style of science fiction that imagines a dystopian future where society is dominated by corporations, hackers, and cyborgs, but also where battles are fought on grids using drones, lasers, and gadgets. Gridpunk combines the themes and aesthetics of cyberpunk with the mechanics and strategies of tactical games.

Definition and characteristics of gridpunk

Gridpunk can be defined as a genre that features the following characteristics:


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  • Grid-based combat: The action takes place on grids, either physical or virtual, where the characters move, attack, and defend using various weapons and abilities. The grids can be square, hexagonal, or irregular, and can have different properties and effects. The combat can be turn-based or real-time, depending on the game.

  • Technology: The genre showcases advanced and futuristic technology, such as drones, robots, lasers, holograms, implants, hacking, and artificial intelligence. The technology can be used for good or evil purposes, depending on the characters and factions involved.

  • Cyberpunk: The genre shares the themes and aesthetics of cyberpunk, such as dystopia, oppression, rebellion, corruption, urban decay, neon lights, cybernetics, and noir. The genre also explores the ethical and social implications of technology, such as identity, privacy, freedom, control, and human nature.

Gridpunk as a subgenre of cyberpunk

Gridpunk is a subgenre of cyberpunk, which is a genre that emerged in the 1980s as a reaction to the optimism and utopianism of earlier science fiction. Cyberpunk depicts a dark and gritty future where technology has advanced but society has decayed. Cyberpunk often features antiheroes who struggle against the oppressive forces of corporations, governments, or gangs in urban settings.

Gridpunk inherits the cyberpunk worldview but adds a twist: the use of grids as a central element of the story and gameplay. Grids can represent different things in gridpunk, such as:

  • The network: The grids can symbolize the interconnectedness of the digital world, where information flows freely but also where hackers can manipulate data and systems. The network can be a source of power or vulnerability for the characters.

  • The city: The grids can reflect the structure and layout of the urban environment, where buildings, streets, and infrastructure form a complex maze. The city can be a place of opportunity or danger for the characters.

  • The game: The grids can evoke the idea of a game or simulation, where rules, objectives, and strategies are defined. The game can be a form of entertainment or challenge for the characters.

Gridpunk as a game genre

Gridpunk is also a game genre that incorporates the elements of grid-based combat and technology into its gameplay. Gridpunk games can belong to different subgenres, such as:

  • Tactical: These games emphasize strategy and planning over action and reflexes. The players have to manage their resources, position their units, and execute their moves on the grid. Examples include XCOM , Fire Emblem , Final Fantasy Tactics , and Advance Wars .

  • Action: These games emphasize speed and skill over strategy and planning. The players have to move quickly, dodge attacks, and shoot enemies on the grid. Examples include Geometry Wars , Superhot , Gridrunner , and Nex Machina .

  • Puzzle: These games emphasize logic and problem-solving over combat and violence. The players have to manipulate objects and patterns on the grid to solve puzzles and progress. Examples include Tetris , Lumines , Picross , and Portal .

Gridpunk games can also combine elements from different subgenres, creating hybrid and innovative experiences. For instance, Invisible, Inc. is a game that blends tactical and stealth gameplay, where the players have to infiltrate corporate facilities using hacking and espionage. Transistor is a game that mixes action and RPG gameplay, where the players have to fight enemies using a customizable weapon that can freeze time and execute commands on the grid.

History and influences of gridpunk

Gridpunk is a relatively new and niche genre, but it has some history and influences that can be traced back to earlier media and culture. Here are some of the origins and development of gridpunk:

Origins and development of gridpunk

The term gridpunk was coined by the game developer Jeff Minter, who is known for creating grid-based action games such as Gridrunner , Tempest , and Polybius . Minter used the term to describe his own style of games, which he said were influenced by cyberpunk literature, psychedelic visuals, and arcade classics. Minter also said that he wanted to create games that were "fun, fast, and trippy".

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However, gridpunk can also be seen as a broader genre that encompasses other games and media that feature grid-based combat and technology. Some of the earliest examples of gridpunk can be found in the 1980s, such as:

  • Tron : A movie that depicts a hacker who gets transported into a digital world where he has to compete in gladiatorial games on grids using light cycles, discs, and tanks.

  • BattleTech : A tabletop game that simulates futuristic warfare using giant robots called mechs that move and fight on hexagonal grids.

  • Megami Tensei : A video game series that involves exploring dungeons and fighting demons on grids using turn-based combat and fusion mechanics.

In the 1990s and 2000s, gridpunk continued to evolve and expand with more games and media that explored different aspects of grid-based combat and technology, such as:

  • The Matrix : A movie trilogy that portrays a dystopian reality where humans are enslaved by machines and have to fight back using hacking, martial arts, and bullet time on grids.

  • XCOM : A video game series that revolves around defending Earth from alien invasions using squad-based tactics and research on grids.

  • Rez : A video game that combines rail shooter and rhythm game elements, where the player has to shoot enemies and hack networks on grids while synchronizing with the music.

Examples and inspirations of gridpunk media

Gridpunk is a genre that has some fans and creators who enjoy its aesthetic and gameplay. Here are some of the examples and inspirations of gridpunk media that are available or upcoming:

Title Type Description --- --- --- Cyber Shadow Video game A retro-style action platformer that pays homage to the 8-bit era, where the player has to fight through a cybernetic world using ninja skills and gadgets. Cyber Knights: Flashpoint Video game A tactical RPG that features a team of hackers, mercenaries, and thieves who have to infiltrate corporate zones using stealth, hacking, and combat on grids. Grid Force: Mask of the Goddess Video game An action RPG that mixes bullet hell and roguelike elements, where the player has to recruit allies and fight enemies on grids using elemental powers. Gridlocked Board game A cooperative puzzle game that challenges the players to escape from a traffic jam on grids using logic and teamwork. Gridfall Comic book A cyberpunk comic book series that follows a group of hackers who have to survive in a post-apocalyptic world where grids are collapsing. Aesthetics and themes of gridpunk

Gridpunk is a genre that has its own distinctive aesthetics and themes that set it apart from other genres. Here are some of the visual style and elements of gridpunk:

Visual style and elements of gridpunk

Gridpunk has a visual style that is influenced by cyberpunk, but also has its own unique features and elements. Some of the common visual elements of gridpunk are:

Grids: The most obvious and essential element of gridpunk is the use of grids, which can be seen in various forms and contexts, such as the combat interface, the network layout, the city map, the game board, or the art style. Grids can have different shapes, sizes, colors, a


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