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Operating System Concepts 9th Edition _VERIFIED_ Free Pdf

Operating systems control all of a computer's resources and present users with the equivalent of virtual machines that are easier to program than their underlying hardware. This course provides an overview of fundamental operating system principles, complemented with discussions of concrete modern systems to help you understand how these principles are applied in real OSs. Topics covered include an overview of the components of an operating system, mutual exclusion and synchronization, implementation of processes, scheduling algorithms, memory management and file systems.

operating system concepts 9th edition free pdf

Although the main learning objective of the course is to understand the requirements, design and implementation of modern operating systems, at a higher level the course aims to provide you with a good grasp of basic abstractions employed in system-level software (such as processes, threads, virtual memory, caching, etc.), while uncovering the "magic" that happens inside the box.

A set of papers providing a deeper historical perspective of operating systems, in-depth treatment of some of the topics I can only briefly cover in class, and some useful practical advice in designing and implementing complex systems.

LinkedIn Learning is free with your Richland Library card, and is also available for use as a handy mobile app. (Richland Library's library ID is Richland for those accessing LinkedIn Learning through the mobile app.)


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