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[S1E12] The Sleep Of Babies UPD

We get to talk about sleep shift work and being on call and ways that family members can support first responders and really starting to understand how how does the family dynamics work and how can the families also be supported in this shift work?

[S1E12] The Sleep of Babies

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Um So for example, a research study found that athletes who received about nine hours of sleep nightly had a 15% chance of injury, but those who only got six hours of sleep regularly had a 75% chance of getting injured in the course of their workouts or in their performance in their their sport.

Um so, and obviously families really can do an awful lot to help in this regard and and then also to make sure that the families are more optimized as a result of the first responders getting enough sleep and then obviously the family as well.

So we need to find ways to lower our body temperature in order to go into deeper sleep, which is why that room needs to be much cooler, which might mean it needs to be on a separate air conditioner or it needs to have some kind of separate cooling ability in the room that the day sleeper sleeps in because that will mimic in a sense nighttime and that lowering of temperature.

Um for example, I know one family who I thought was so brilliant because it just speaks to their desire for everyone to do well is they actually had the first responders sleep at the in laws house or their own parents house.

That is kind of just a room that nobody uses anyway and then um and also you really want to work on work at first working on on quality of sleep over quantity of sleep at first because quantity is something you need to be working on, but you also want to be over focusing on quality.

And that includes our phones, unfortunately television, which many of us have terrible habits with, but those things are not your best friends as far as quality of sleep and then also things that prepare you for good sleep.

I read something that is I like to read but that I can easily put down and pick up again the next night and then all and like things like like maybe a slow little yoga routine or a nice meditation before bed can actually help you wind down and sleep better.

Um also you really want to avoid alcohol or caffeine actually, nicotine and chocolate, interestingly too close to bedtime because those things can actually make it so that you cannot fall into deep enough levels of sleep.

So folks that are listening and if this is something you want to tackle, I imagine most people sleep is something you want to tackle, taking those action steps which we can have listed in our show notes as well.

But you know, we talked about with college students and working families and how difficult sleep is, but then you add in the night shifts and the long shifts and the on call and and so such a a massive, you know, topic to tackle.

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