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How much does your training cost?

Our aim is to keep the training as affordable as possible. We intend to do this through making use of online delivery and a modular structure, enabling candidates to ‘pay as you go’ and progress at their own pace in accordance with their own budget and commitments.

How many/what courses do you offer?

Our current plan is to offer several tiers of training, beginning with a basic level suitable for a spaceflight participant with no crew responsibilities and progressing to more advanced tiers suitable for crew members and specialists in various disciplines. Each tier of training will contain a number of syllabus items met through individual courses. Some will be online and theoretical, with others more practical in nature and delivered in person.

Can I go to space after completing the program?

Potentially. Our training will not directly qualify you to be an astronaut, or to step straight into a spacecraft for launch. The aim of our training is a preparatory course to achieve two things – firstly, to increase a candidate’s chances of being selected for a commercial spaceflight opportunity by demonstrating many of the skills and attributes required and secondly, to de-risk the selection of a candidate from the perspective of a commercial spaceflight operator or flight sponsor by reducing the amount of training required before flight and increasing the likelihood of being successful at the training, therefore reducing the training time required with subsequent cost savings for the sponsor or operator and de-risking the investment in training costs.

Do I need to commit a certain amount of time? How flexible is the training?

Each individual course will require a certain amount of time to complete, however all of the online elements will be able to be completed at your own pace. Whilst the individual practical, in-person courses will have their own level of commitment, the courses themselves can also be spread out in a modular fashion.


How do I get involved or become a partner?

Contact us via the ‘Join’ page and let us know how we can help each other.


What are the minimum requirements to begin your training?

Currently, our only requirements are enthusiasm and willingness to learn. However, some of our more advanced training and the likelihood of being successful in being selected for a spaceflight opportunity will require meeting some academic requirements.


What nationalities are considered eligible?

All nationalities are eligible.

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